samsung_rear_touchOne of the nifty features of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S6 Edge is that it allows for users to interact with the device in a different way by touching the edges of the phone. This allows for new menus, new controls, and new ways for information to be displayed, but it looks like Samsung could be thinking of expanding the ways we touch our phone.

According to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Samsung is  toying with the idea of incorporating touch controls to the back of our devices. If this sounds familiar, it is because Sony had a similar idea with the PS Vita where they included touch controls on the rear of the console, where players would be able to execute tasks and commands without having to do much.

By incorporating a similar idea to a phone, it could allow Samsung to create even larger phones or tablets, with the rear portion of the phone providing users with access to features that would normally require two hands to pull of. For example one of the criticisms of phablets is the need to constantly stretch your thumb across the screen, or use two hands, just to interact with the user interface.

However by moving some of those controls to the rear portion of the phone, users will have no issues with using larger devices with one hand. Of course this is just a patent so there’s really no telling if Samsung will ever implement such an idea, but it’s an intriguing one nonetheless.

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