Twitch and YouTube are great platforms if you like watching video game streams, playthroughs, reviews, and more. However most of the games that are streamed are typically PC games, meaning that as far as mobile games are concerned, it is still a relatively untapped market. Now the good news is that if you wanted to cash in on that, Sony has an app for you.


The company has recently launched an app called Live Screen Streaming. It’s designed specifically for mobile devices and what it does is that it actually streams directly to websites and platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. This means that if you already have a following on those platforms, this is a new way for you to interact with your followers.

It also saves users the time of having to create a video, compile it, and upload it since like we said, it appears to stream directly to these services. Of course it’s not just limited to gaming. For example you could use it to do app reviews, maybe tutorials on how to change settings, fix problems, and etc., sort of like a live helpdesk if you will.

However there is a drawback and a rather huge one at that. It seems that for now, the app is exclusive to Sony’s Xperia devices. Sony makes mention several times about Xperia smartphones and tablets in the app’s description, and the listing on Google Play claims it is not compatible with my Nexus 5 handset, so if you don’t have an Xperia phone or tablet, you could be out of luck.

However if you do, then head on over to the Google Play Store for the download.

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