maxfas-exoskeleton-doug-lafon-us-armyWhile the movies certainly makes it look easy when it comes to firing a gun, the reality is a bit different. There are other factors you have to take into consideration, like the weight and size of the gun, not to mention the recoil. There will also be issues like muscle tremors that could totally throw your aim off.

To help speed up the process of learning to fire a gun accurately, the US Army has developed a prototype exoskeleton which will help with that. Dubbed MAXFAS, this is an exoskeleton worn on the arm of the shooter (see image above). It is essentially a brace that can help correct any muscle tremors or involuntary arm shakes while you’re holding a gun.

In some ways you could call this the stabilizer of guns, kind of like how there are stabilizer mounts and gimbals for cameras. The exoskeleton will be made from carbon fiber, thus ensuring that it remains light enough to be worn without impacting the way you hold or shoot your gun.

However at its current phase of development, the MAXFAS is fixed in place meaning that it’s not something that can be carried around, although we suppose developing a mobile version of it would not be a stretch of the imagination. So far researchers have yielded positive results from its use, and have also found that the shooting capabilities of the person who used the device was maintained even after taking the exoskeleton off.

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