If there is one thing we’re lamenting with regards to the new 12-inch MacBook is the fact that it no longer has MagSafe charging. For those unfamiliar, MagSafe charging basically connects the charging cable to the computer via a magnet, so in the event you trip over the cable, your computer won’t come crashing down with it.

It’s actually a bit odd that phone OEMs haven’t introduced such a feature to date, but you’re in luck because a device by the name of ZNAPS basically introduces a MagSafe-like charging feature to your phone. The idea is simple: you insert the magnetic adapter into the micro USB/Lightning port of your phone.

After which you insert your charging cable into the adapter as per normal, but because the adapter is magnetic, it will disengage if you tug on it hard enough meaning that tripping over your cable won’t drag your phone to the floor as well. The adapter actually comes in two parts: the connector that plugs into your port, and the housing that connects magnetically to the connector in which you plug your cable into.

To top it off, because the connector is basically plugged into the port already, it is completely reversible which might come in handy for smartphones using micro USB. It has also been designed to fit onto your keychain so you can bring it with you on the go. It’s a clever idea and one we hope to see introduce natively in the future to smartphones, but in the meantime if you like the idea, hit up its Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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