It seems that @evleaks is on a roll today because this would basically be the third BlackBerry Venice leak that he has shown off. As you can see in his tweet above, it contains an animated GIF which shows off more angles of the phone. Presumably these are screenshots taken and animated from what we can only imagine is the official video for the device.

Based on what we can tell, the phone will feature a slider keyboard, which we already know, and according to the camera on the back, it looks like it says it will feature a 10MP rear-facing camera (or it could be 16MP). The handset admittedly looks a bit awkward when the keyboard is pulled out fully, but at the same time we do have admire its design and it looks pretty sleek.

The full specs of the upcoming BlackBerry Venice remains unknown at the moment as it is all pretty much just based on rumors, but from what we can tell it will be running on Android. It will be interesting to see how users from both Android and BlackBerry feel about the device, and hopefully it will be good enough to revitalize the Canadian company.

In the meantime if you’re hoping to get your hands on it, it could be a while as an earlier rumor suggested that it will only be launched in November, but it is also expected to arrive on all four major US carriers. There is a possibility it could be released earlier in other markets, but for the US market, it looks like November is the only date we have to work with for now.

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