bmw-enlightenWhen we’re driving ideally we would be paying attention to the road ahead of us. This includes noticing stop signs and also traffic lights, so that if it turns orange we know we should start slowing down. In case you’re a bit of a distracted driver, don’t worry because BMW has got your back on this.

The company has recently announced that they will be integrating the EnLighten app into their vehicles, as long as the BMW vehicle has BMW Apps and it is connected to an iOS device, like the iPhone. For those who are unaware, basically what EnLighten does is that it shows the current status of the traffic light that your car is approaching.

It will also include a countdown to when the signal will change, and depending on your speed, the app will inform you if you should keep going or if you should start slowing down. For example if there is 2 seconds left on the green light and you’re about 5 seconds away, speeding and trying to catch it is hardly the smart thing to do, and those are the kind of situations the app will help you avoid.

It is an interesting feature and could potentially help prevent you from getting into an accident or maybe even getting a speeding ticket, but like we said it is currently only available on BMW cars.

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