drones-capture-real-estateAmazon wants to make drone deliveries a thing, but unsurprisingly regulators such as the FAA are a bit worried about that and we can see why. According to a report from the Mansfield News Journal, it seems that about a week ago, a drone flew over a prison yard at the Mansfield Correctional Institute in Ohio where it delivered a package.

The package contained 144.5grams of tobacco, 65.4grams of marijuana, and 6.6grams of heroin, which safe to say are illegal. In fact if the stories about how drugs and tobacco are used as currencies inside prison, it does not come as a surprise to learn that when the package was discovered, a fight broke out between nine inmates, presumably all of whom were trying to snatch its contents for themselves.

In the end pepper spray had to be used to quell the fighting. According to the report, “All inmates (approximately 75 on north recreation and 130 on south recreation) were removed from the recreation yards to the gyms, where they were strip searched, run through the cell sensor, and clinic checked.”

While drones have been used for all sorts of activities such as for photography or videography, or in some cases rescue situations, such instances reminds us that drones can also be used for illegal activities too, which is why it doesn’t surprise us that perhaps more regulation might be needed if drone deliveries are to become an actual thing.

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