fallout shelter tinderFallout Shelter is such a popular game that we’re pretty sure it doesn’t really need much advertising in order for players to learn about it. However a little marketing never hurt and it seems that Bethesda has resorted to a rather curious and unique method of marketing, which is through the use of Tinder.


This was reported by Kotaku who was alerted to Bethesda’s marketing tactic by one of their readers. As you can see in the screenshot above, it seems that Bethesda has created a Tinder profile for Vault Boy and if you’re thinking this is a joke, it is not as Bethesda themselves are officially endorsing it via their social media accounts.

There also seems to be a hashtag campaign for #dateadweller along with some dating “tips”. We have to admit that it is a pretty clever idea although we’re pretty sure the folks at Tinder won’t be too happy about Bethesda using their app to advertise. Previously the Brazilian government tried to use Tinder to make a PSA about HIV.

However Tinder claims that it violated the app’s terms of service and the account has since been deleted. Nonetheless we suppose as long as the profile’s up there, it will be essentially free coverage for Bethesda, not like they really need to since last we checked, Fallout Shelter was making millions for the company.

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