TINDER_ALANAPeople use dating apps for all sorts of reasons. Some are out there to find true love, some are out there to make friends, while others use dating apps to hook up with others for casual sex. Perhaps the number of people using apps like Tinder for casual sex are a bit too high which is why the Brazilian government has decided to step in.

The government has recently (via The Verge) created fake Tinder and Hornet profiles featuring attractive men and women with their profiles supposedly offering up casual and condom-free sex. One of the profiles reads, “looking for men and women for no-strings attached sex, preferably no condoms?” However when swiping to the right to “like” that profile, users are instead greeted with a public health message about the dangers of unprotected sex.

“Attention, it is difficult to know who is an AIDS carrier. Enjoy yourself — but take care. This is a campaign by the ministry of health.” While this is a good effort on the Brazilian government’s part, especially since it has been reported that HIV infection rates have risen by 33%, it did not sit well with Tinder who claimed that this violated the app’s terms of service.

The company has since deleted those fake profiles, although the Brazilian health ministry has contested this move, claiming that since it wasn’t made for commercial purposes it should not be classified as an advertisement, but what do you guys think? Was this a good idea? Or did you think it was a bit manipulative?

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