s6ep keyboardCome next Thursday, we expect that we will learn all that we need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. However it would seem that leading up to the announcement, famed leaker @evleaks has published a photo on his Twitter account which you can see for yourself in the image to the right.

It basically depicts what looks like the Galaxy S6 Edge+ with an optional keyboard cover. That’s right, the handset is expected to feature a keyboard cover, although we can’t be sure if this is an official accessory from Samsung or if it might be a third-party option, or another likely scenario is that this could be a fake.

For starters we’ll have to say that it looks rather ugly. It actually reminds us of old Nokia and Sony Ericsson feature phones from back in the day, and given how Samsung painstakingly designed its new Galaxy S-lineup, it would seem odd that they would create an accessory that looks like this.

So far many of the comments on the photo seem to believe that this might be a fake or a prank. @evleaks has been known to be pretty accurate with his leaks so either he’s playing a joke on us, or he might have gotten this one wrong, or maybe it could be a third-party accessory. Either way we can’t say we’re a huge fan of the design but hopefully we’ll get more details come 13th of August.

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