heavennoteOur lives are so entwined with the digital world these days, that one more often than not asks, what would happen to one’s digital legacy when one dies? Who do I pass my passwords to, and is it possible to communicate from beyond the grave? This new service known as Heavenote will enable one to send messages from beyond the grave messages to loved ones, where it received inspiration from the film PS I Love You.

With Heavenote, it will allow the living to film a pre-death video, and needless to say, this video will be kept in utmost secrecy, where it will only be screened upon the time of their passing. All footage will be stashed in a secure database, and will only be released with official confirmation of the person’s death to family and friends who have been named in a digital legacy.

Heavenote happens to be the brainchild of businessman Vincenzo Rusciano, and this is a crowdfunding project that is deemed to be foolproof, although hopefully if it gets popular enough, we will not see this mantra being challenged. A 10-minute video will cost £22, and a smartphone app is also being worked on at the moment so that those who sign up will see a message sent to their Facebook page after death.

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