Just like most tablets, there are a host of various musical apps available for the iPad. From simple piano layouts to complex DJ setups and for the drummer, there are also virtual drums that they can access on their devices, but how would an iPad drummer fare against an actual drummer?


As it turns out it’s quite a beautiful drum solo battle to behold. The video above shows someone calling themselves Appleman who is going up against another drummer, a 17-year old by the name of Takuto who is just as equally skilled, if not better. However as Appleman notes (and you can probably hear it as well), timing is a little off on the iPad.

This is because your fingers can only move so fast and the app can only respond so fast, but overall we have to admit that if you closed your eyes, it would be hard to tell who is playing what as the sound coming from the iPad’s virtual drums are pretty spot on and close to the actual instrument.

That being said, Appleman himself does have a drumming background. Apparently when he was in high school back in England, he used to be in a rock band, but after returning to Nagasaki in Japan, his small apartment did not afford him space or sound proofing to play his drums, leading him to find an outlet in these virtual drums, which we have to admit has served him pretty well.

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