A couple of months back Google released the version 5.1 update for Android Wear which brought several new features to the company’s smartwatch platform including support for Wi-Fi. Smartwatches that had the required hardware inside were then able to use Wi-Fi to link up with the connected smartphone instead of having to use Bluetooth. The latest Android Wear update finally brings this feature for the LG G Watch R.

When the first update was released LG’s G Watch R smartwatch was among the few wearable devices that didn’t have adequate support for Wi-Fi, instead it required a separate patch to get things up and running.

LG did say back then that it would work on the patch over the summer and possibly release it in the next couple of months, the patch now finds its way to the G Watch R through this new Android Wear update.

LG G Watch R can now communicate with the connected smartphone over Wi-Fi and no longer needs the Bluetooth connection, both devices will remain paired as long as there is an internet connection.

Even though the upcoming Android Wear update has been announced today it still requires a couple of weeks for the OTA to go global, so some patience will certainly go a long way.

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