Mojang hasn’t been that forthcoming with news about a possible sequel to Minecraft but once Microsoft purchased Mojang last year some believed that we might finally get to hear something about a possible Minecraft 2 release. It looks like there hasn’t been much change with regards to a possible sequel because Mojang says that for now a possible Minecraft 2 release is off the table. No use keeping your fingers crossed for it now.

Speaking with IGN Mojang CEO Jonas Martensson said that there have been no discussions about Minecraft 2 at this point in time, he expects that the first Minecraft game will be supported through to 2020.

Martensson obviously won’t rule out the possibility of Minecraft 2 in the future, he can’t promise forever that there’ll never be another Minecraft title, “but for the foreseeable future there won’t be.”

Matt Booty, Microsoft Game Studios general manager, said that the company has “never” had a conversation about Minecraft 2 because Minecraft is viewed as more of a platform that will be continually updated over time.

For now Martensson and team will be listening to player feedback and will continue to work on updates to Minecraft that make the experience better, they’ll also work on releasing the game for as many platforms as they can.

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