If all of the recent reports are to be believed then at its event next month Apple is going to unveil a new Apple TV set-top box. It has been quite some time since the company launched a new set-top box so many are excited to see all of the improvements that Apple has made to this product. A new report published today claims that the new Apple TV is going to be more expensive than its predecessor.

The existing Apple TV was initially priced $99 before Apple reduced its price a few months back since it was technically selling old hardware while rivals like Amazon Fire TV were offering better specifications for about the same price.

9to5mac reports today that the new Apple TV is likely to cost between $149 and $199, the final price has reportedly not been locked down yet, so we’ll only come to know for sure when the company unveils this product on stage next month.

When compared against similar products like the Roku 3 and Fire TV it looks like the new Apple TV will command a significant premium so it better justify the higher price with new and much better features.

The new Apple TV is expected to be thinner and lighter than its predecessor with an A8 processor and more RAM. It may have a Nintendo Wii-like motion control remote, iOS 9 and Siri integration.

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