oneplus invite hackUnlike other smartphone OEMs, OnePlus relies on an invite system to sell their smartphones to customers. Basically it’s a way of managing expectations as well as inventory, where only users with an invite can order a handset, while those who don’t will just have to wait. Essentially it’s a fancier pre-order system.

Now the invite list for the OnePlus 2, last we checked, is over a million meaning that if you were slow to request an invite, chances are you are in for a wait. One user by the name of Jake Cooper decided that he did not want to wait and actually figured out a way to “hack” the system, thus allowing him to cut the queue in the process.

Basically what Cooper did was create a script that caused thousands of fake emails to sign up using his affiliate link, which in turn allowed him to push his way to the front of the queue. In fact using his method, he jumped from a position of around 70,000 to 1,694 overnight. This is actually even better than his previous position when first signed up at around 9,000.

However because Cooper is a nice enough guy, he decided to alert OnePlus to the flaw in the system by tweeting at them. He has decided not to release the script so if you want to get in on this hack, you’ll have to figure it out yourself based on the method he described on Medium. In the meantime OnePlus has yet to respond to his tweet.

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