There is a reason why brake pads are made from the material they are made of, because they are able to provide enough grip on our car’s tires and also because they are able to last for quite a while before requiring a change. However according to the folks at YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, they decided to swap out the brake pads in a Porsche 911.

What did they swap the brake pads with? 8 iPhones. To be more specific, four iPhone 5s handsets and four iPhone 4S handsets were used. However to accommodate the slightly larger phones, the car’s calipers had to be upgraded with enlarged hardware. So what was the point of this experiment, other than a potential danger and a waste of iPhones?

Apparently they were curious as to how well an iPhone could act as a brake pad, especially when driving a car at speeds of 60mph. What they did in the video above was test the car at 20mph, stop to check the iPhones, repeat the process at 40mph, and then repeat the process again at a speed of 60mph.

Safe to say the iPhones were completely wrecked by the end of their little experiment, but oddly enough despite their seemingly fragile nature, they lasted a lot longer than we would have thought.

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