We reported yesterday that Rockstar has banned a group of Grand Theft Auto 5 players who created their own multiplayer service for the title even though Rockstar would rather prefer that they stuck with GTA Online. The group involved with this project feels that they have been wrongly banned since the project doesn’t violate rules, Rockstar has issued a full statement today which explains its decision of banning these players.

The project is called FiveM and it has been active for a few months, players can take advantage of custom multiplayer modes and separate servers on FiveM and even use map mods. FiveM was also used to bring in basic versions of maps from GTA: London and GTA: Vice City in the Grand Theft Auto 5 engine.

It doesn’t tinker with GTA Online and that’s why the team behind this project believes that banning them goes against Rockstar’s own rules, they believe that it should be exempt from action since it’s completely independent of GTA Online.

Rockstar doesn’t see it that way. In a statement issued today it says that FiveM is an “unauthorized multiplayer service” which contains code that’s designed to facilitate piracy. It further adds that its policy on violations of terms of service is clear and that’s why individuals that were behind the creation of this project have had their Social Club accounts suspended.

From the looks of it Rockstar is in no mood to debate here and it may not listen to the FiveM team’s argument, so perhaps keeping your fingers crossed for this third-party multiplayer service to return is a futile exercise.

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