smog-free-towerThe world is not getting any greener with each passing day, although there has been massive efforts made by many different quarters to stem the tide of pollution and wanton industrialization. In fact, in major cities like Beijing and Los Angeles, smog is a pretty big – if not, common issue, so much so that residents there have more or less gotten used to it. Perhaps the idea of cleaning up the air around us might gain more traction if the Kickstarter project known as the Smog Free Tower, well, kicks off.


What makes the Smog Free Tower all the more special is not the fact that if realized, it will be able to remove them nasty carbon particles from the air that we breathe, but it is also capable of being compressed before being transformed into jewelry, now how about that for truly making the most out of a cloudy situation?

The Smog Free Tower is the idea of Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, where it has been deemed to be “the world’s largest air-purifier” and if successful, it will first be installed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, before making a city-to-city tour, as part of an effort to demonstrate yet another method of combating the perils of air pollution. This rather huge air ionizer stands tall at 7 meters high, and is said to have the ability to clean 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour, while sporting a power consumption “as low as 1700 watts.”

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