square dive inLast year Square Enix announced a game streaming service called Dive In. Basically it allowed gamers to play games stored in the cloud and stream it onto their mobile devices, meaning that most of the processing is done in the cloud so that their mobile devices, which might not have the necessary hardware, will be able to run the game.

It was a good idea and we’ve seen similar efforts from Sony with PlayStation Now, but unfortunately it seems that while it might have been a good idea, it turns out that maybe it just wasn’t popular enough for Square Enix to warrant keeping it alive. The service, which was originally launched for the Japanese market, will be shutting down.

In a statement Square Enix made on its website, it reads (based on translation), “To everyone waiting for the service to resume, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. It is to be noted that everyone that had been purchased an annual subscription, regardless of the remaining period, we will refund the Square Enix Crysta to the full amount.”

The service is expected to close on the 15th of September. Unfortunately Square Enix did not share the reasons why they will be shutting it down, but like we said, maybe it just wasn’t popular enough where it was a sustainable service.

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