ps_now2Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service

has only been available on the company’s devices so far but that exclusivity is ending today. It has confirmed thatPlayStation Now is now available on compatible Samsungsmart TVs for users in the U.S. andCanada. Folks who own these televisions sets will be able to stream games throughPlayStation Now without needing to hook up a Sony console.


The DualShock 4controller will be required to play games so those who don’t already have it will have to purchase it. A pretty strong internet connection is also needed in order to stream the games without any hiccups, Sony recommends connections of 5Mbps or higher.

PlayStation Now first went live last year and that too on the PlayStation 4. Sony has not yet launched this service on the PlayStation 3 yet but is expected to do so later this year.The service is available on devices like the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and certain Blu-ray players and TVs from Sony.

Sony confirmed in December last year that it will bring PlayStation Now game streaming to Samsung smart TVs, and today it has finally followed through on that promise.

Samsung Smart TV owners can streamfrom the library which contains more than 100 PlayStation 3 titles, they can purchase Sony’s $19.99 per monthPlayStation Nowsubscriptionfor the purpose of streaming any of the available games whenever they want.

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