yahoo-trackIt is always nice to know that you are on your way to receiving a package, or to figure out that someone is sending you something, and you wait with bated breath and anticipation for it. However, in this day and age, we are all seemingly obsessed with knowing where our package is exactly – heck, even the Pebble smartwatch knows where your Domino’s pizza is! Well, Yahoo Mail has been enhanced to do all of the legwork on your behalf, thanks to a new package and event reminders feature.

There is no longer any need to search through mountains of emails in order to figure out just when your package will be delivered, or perhaps to hunt down the address for a particular social function on this particular day. Both visual and informative package and event notifications are now located at the top of your inbox that makes it for quick and easy viewing.

Each time Amazon sends an order email, you can view a package notification which will also sport the relevant shortcuts to shipment tracking as well as original email for your order. Not only that, upcoming events are not exempt from Yahoo Mail’s reach, as it will depict a snapshot of the event details as well as a quick link to the original invite and directions. Such features will roll out to US users in the coming days, so be patient if you have not seen it in your inbox yet. [Press Release]

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