Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus come with 2GB of RAM versus the 1GB of RAM found in its predecessors. This is double the amount from 2014, but is it really that big of a deal? After all the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus haven’t really had any speed-related issues so why would it now? Turns out it is a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to surfing.

Thanks to the folks at iDownloadblog, they have decided to put the iPhone 6s through a test and compare it against the iPhone 6 in terms of RAM. Basically they found that with the added amount of RAM, Safari on the iPhone 6s was able to keep more tabs open without having to keep refreshing them when they were opened.

If you have used multiple tabs in Safari on iOS, you’re probably aware of the annoying feature where tabs need to be refreshed whenever you click on them, even if they were loaded up from before. This seems to have been taken care of with the added 1GB of RAM, so if you really hated the constant reloading, then the new iPhones will solve those issues.

Also they found that with the extra RAM, Safari was able to load more intensive websites faster than its predecessor. Some of you guys might not notice the difference when using the iPhone 6 by itself, but when compared side-by-side with the newer iPhone 6s, the differences are as clear as night and day.

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  • 1334x750
  • 326 PPI
12 MP
  • f/2.2 Aperture
1715 mAh
    2GB RAM
    • A9
    • None
    ~$147 - Amazon
    143 g
    Launched in
    Storage (GB)
    • 16
    • 64
    • 128

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