iPadPro_Lifestyle-Gaming-PRINTBack in the day say maybe 10-15 years ago when some of us were still kids, give us a choice between a phone or a Game Boy and we’d gladly pick the Game Boy anytime. Fast forward to today where phones are a lot more engaging due to their ability to surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, and play games, things are different.


According to a report by the NPD, they found that in a survey titled “Kids and Gaming 2015”, it seems that a good majority of kids are choosing mobile devices to play their games on. The survey found that 63% of kids said that they play games on their phones, versus the 45% of kids who use a computer, and the 60% of kids who gamed on a console.

Prior to this, console and PC gaming were dominant. For example in 2013, 67% of kids played games on their PCs, and 67% played on their consoles. This sharp decline just goes to show how the gaming landscape has changed, and how developers who want to appeal to the young ones (aged 2-17) needs to approach the various platforms.

According to NPD Group analyst Liam Callahan, “In the past, the computer was considered the entry point for gaming for most kids, but the game has changed now that mobile has moved into that position. This may be related to a change in the behavior of parents that are likely utilizing mobile devices for tasks that were once reserved for computers.”

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