iPhone-6-review-12Apple’s latest smartphones, including those from last year, are made from aluminum. However they also carry traces of nickel and according to a certain Mark Watson, he claims that he might be allergic to his iPhone 6 which apparently carries higher traces of nickel compared to its predecessors.

Watson first grew suspicious when he discovered rashes on his leg. After visiting a doctor and having tests done, it was concluded that his iPhone 6 was the culprit. Apparently even through his pants, the nickel had managed to set off an allergic reaction. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Watson expressed his surprise at his allergic reaction.

According to Watson, “I have never in my life had an allergic reaction to nickel, and before this it was a metal I associated with cheap jewellery. I just think it’s wrong that this could even happen.” Unfortunately for him Apple will not be compensating him. The Cupertino company had apparently told Watson that such issues were mentioned in their terms and conditions, although he claims that he can’t seem to find it.

However nickel allergic reactions are pretty common. We’ve seen this happen in the past with the iPad, recently with the Apple Watch, and some of you guys might recall the fiasco with Fitbit last year where the company had to recall some of their products over concerns.

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