There have been a lot of reports recently about the next-generation Apple TV set-top box, there appears to be consensus that at its event next week the company is definitely going to launch its much awaited new set-top box. It’s going to have powerful innards and a new remote control with touch input and motion sensors that allow it to double as a game controller. A new report published today claims that the new Apple TV is going to have a feature that many users have asked for previously: universal search.

Buzzfeed reports today that the new Apple TV is going to feature universal search which will basically allow the user to search for TV shows or movies once and see all of the relevant results from a variety of sources.

The report cites sources who claim that this feature is a “cornerstone” of Apple’s new set-top box as it will enable users to perform searches across multiple video streaming services and the iTunes Store from one location. Voice integration with Siri will make the task much more easy.

Content search and discovery hasn’t been the strong suit of the Apple TV, it has previously relied heavily upon text-based user interface that’s just not that intuitive or easy to use, it goes without saying that users will appreciate having the universal search feature on hand.

It’s also said that the new Apple TV will cost $149 and will be announced at the company’s scheduled event on September 9th.

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