oasysIn the future, if we do not carefully manage our use of resources at this point in time, the earth might end up as an arid desert, and water could be even more valuable than oil, gold and other kinds of precious materials. Well, this means the habit of saving water starts from right now, and Ôasys is an interesting device that will keep its focus on water consumption.

Sure, there are other devices out there which will help you to save water whenever you decide to go for a shower, but those do not help you keep track of your home’s total water use. Ôasys does this, where it comes in the form factor of a glowing wall-mounted orb. Ôasys will be a WiFi-connected device which will rely on a simple sensor-embedded, battery-powered band that will wrap itself around your home’s exterior water main, ensuring that it knows each time water is used.

As for the wall-mounted white disc, it shows off real-time water use, letting you make comparisons to the week before – and with your neighbors too, if they decide to use Ôasys as well. The scoring system is used as opposed to the number of gallons used, since it makes it easier to see if you have improved on your water usage. This also disconnects itself directly to the water bill, letting you focus instead on saving water rather than money.

This Kickstarter campaign will have an early bird price on a first-run of the gadget of 180€, and it comes with a shipping date goal of May 2016.

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