The world runs on black gold – there is no denying it. Once the price of oil skyrockets, inflation will hit countries hard, no matter how prosperous you are. In fact, steadily rising gas prices have already caused many of us to learn how to make the necessary adjustments in our lives, slowly cutting down on small luxuries even as companies look to find new ways of trimming their expenditure in an attempt to balance the account books. Well, we can always look to renewable sources of energy to help us move around, or work out an even more efficient solution. This is where the hypermilling concept car comes in, where it is capable of traveling up to 1,325 miles on a single gallon of diesel. Is that an achievement or what? 

An 11 year old Cambridgeshire girl at the annual Mileage Marathon Challenge at Mallory Park actually put the “vehicle” through its paces, where it was specially built to promote engineering and technology while educating school and college students about the benefits of eco-friendly vehicle concepts. Test driver Kitty Foster, 11, who hails from Kings School, Ely, claimed that “when I told my parents how far this car could go on a gallon of fuel they were absolutely amazed! It wasn’t too hard. The Go system helped me use as little fuel as possible. It monitored the car’s performance, which helped us know when to stop the engine and start coasting.”

How about adding more seats to it now?

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