What are some of the gadget dream teams that you can think of? We just shared a story about solar panels being integrated into ordinary windows for Chicago’s Willis Tower, and the same idea has been transmuted to Greendix’s latest patented technology, that is, using their own custom shaped solar panel technology to be integrated into touchscreen displays. Imagine applying this technology across a slew of devices such as smartphones, tablets, GPS navigation systems, tablets, PDAs (anyone use those anymore?), ATM machines as well as public information kiosks. It doesn’t really matter what size the touchscreen display is, Greendix is quite confident of fitting in their tech regardless. Performance-wise, it is touted that a 9.7″ touchscreen display with integrated solar panels will add anywhere from 100mAh to 480mAh of battery time – sounds decent, and hopefully future advances will see it increase that margin by a mile (or two) without burning too large of a hole in the pocket of consumers. Now, to see who will take up the challenge of introducing hardware with Greendix tech inside…

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