office-2016Where there is a will, there is a way. Seems to be a rather positive thought, but when you take into consideration swindling ideas as well as thoughts that are on the darker side of human nature, then it works out very differently. Take into consideration this latest online leak from pirates that involves all Office 2016 editions. Microsoft has done their bit to ensure that it is a snap to upgrade to Office 2016 at a very minimal cost in a legitimate manner, but this has not prevented pirates from leaking not just one, but every single edition and language of Office 2016 online.

The sources of these leaked online editions were most obtained picked up from an MSDN account, taking into consideration how they were made available to the masses for download yesterday. There is no link to any activation bypasses, and at the end of the day, do bear in mind that it is a crime to use pirated software since the programmers and developers have put in their fair share of hard work into making the software possible, so it would be nice to make sure they receive their dues. Otherwise, you can always scrounge around for some sort of freeware or open source alternative that is compatible.

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