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Office 2016 Editions Leaked
Where there is a will, there is a way. Seems to be a rather positive thought, but when you take into consideration swindling ideas as well as thoughts that are on the darker side of human nature, then it works out very differently. Take into consideration this latest online leak from pirates that involves all Office 2016 editions. Microsoft has done their bit to ensure that it is a snap […]

Microsoft Office 2016 Standalone License Price Raised
It looks like life is going to get a wee bit more expensive this time around – and I am referring to Microsoft’s move in raising the standalone license price, not only for Office 2016 for Windows, but also for the Mac edition, where you might have to end up forking somewhere between 5% and 7% more than usual. It is rather nice to take note that the Office 365 […]

Office 2016 Launches This September 22nd
There is no smoke without fire, or so the saying goes. Well, at the start of this year, it was speculated that Office 2016 will roll out this year, and a public preview was released in May this year, before close to the end of last month, we heard a rumor of September 22nd being the launch of Office 2016. It looks like that particular rumor was spot on, as […]

Office 2016 Rumored For 22nd September Launch
As it stands, Office 2016’s public preview has been released and anyone interested in taking the suite of productivity apps for a spin can do so, but given that it is only a preview, there are bound to be some bugs and kinks that will hopefully be ironed out before its official release, which last we checked was slated for this year.However the question we’re sure many are curious about […]


Office 2016 For Mac Has Been Released...With A Catch
We suppose it isn’t a secret that Microsoft is working on Office 2016 for Mac computers, but the good news is that if you were looking forward to using Microsoft’s productivity suite of apps, you’re in luck as the Redmond company has recently announced that they are releasing Office 365 for Mac.This is no doubt good news but there is a slight catch. The catch is that Office 2016 for […]

Office 2016 On Windows Preview Gets Some New Features
Microsoft today revealed that more than one million people are using Office Preview across both Windows and Mac after it invited people to participate in Office 2016 on Windows preview nearly a month back. When it started the preview the company did say that it would add more features along the way and today it’s doing just that. New features are being added to Office 2016 on Windows preview.

Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview Released
We have known for a while now that Microsoft is hard at work finishing Office 2016 before it has to be released to consumers later this year and now the company feels confident enough to let people have a look at the preview version. Today Microsoft Office 2016 public preview has been released, anyone willing to try out the new productivity apps from Microsoft can go ahead and get the […]

New Office 2016 Version Leaked
It looks like the past weekend has been an extremely busy one where leaks are concerned, where we have seen a spanking new version of Windows 10 hitting the Internet, not to mention that there is also a new version of Office 2016 that has taken the same route. This latest version of the leaked Office 2016 would come with the build number 16.0.3823.1005, and would definitely be one of […]

Office 2016 Mac Preview Released For Free
It has been a very long time since the last major release of Office for Mac, almost five years, but Microsoft aims to fix that this year. The company today released Office 2016 Mac preview which gives us a glimpse at what the company has been working on. A final version of Office 2016 for Mac is expected to arrive later this year. The new Office apps for Mac offer Retina […]

Office For Windows 10 Preview Apps Released
At an event last month Microsoft unveiled the new software that it is going to release later this year. So far the company has released a preview of Windows 10 and promised to provide one for smartphones as well. We know that Office 2016 is expected to arrive later this year and today Microsoft has released universal Office for Windows 10 preview apps which include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office 2016 Screenshot Hints At UI Improvements
There is a lot to expect from Microsoft later this year. The company has already detailed some of the products that will be released after a few months. Windows 10 is one of them. With the new iteration of its operating system Microsoft also confirmed an updated version of the Office productivity suite. Office 2016 is slated for release by mid-2015. A purported screenshot of this software has appeared online […]