Many are probably familiar with the Philips Hue smart lightbulbs, but in case you didn’t know, the company had also previously launched the Hue Lightstrip, which in case its name wasn’t obvious already, is a strip of LED lights. Now previously many had criticized the Hue Lightstrip because it did not offer white lighting.

Instead it only offered up colored lights which can be a bit annoying when you just want something simple. It was also short at just 2m in length, meaning that if you plan to use it all over your home, it could get expensive. However Philips has heard the critics and has since announced the Hue Lightstrip Plus.

So what’s the difference, you ask? Basically it adds white lighting options to the vast array of colors the lightstrips are able to display. It will also allow users to chain multiple Lightstrip Plus units together that can reach up to 10m in length, although users are free to cut the length if they deem it necessary.

According to Philips, they expect that the Hue Lightstrip Plus to be available in October in North America. It will be priced at $89.95 which is a bit pricey. This is for the initial 2m, and subsequent one meter extension strips will be sold at $29.95 each, so like we said, using it all over your home could run you up a small fortune, but at least you will look cool doing so, right?

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