If you’re a videographer, chances are you have probably heard of the Red brand. For those who aren’t familiar, basically Red is a camera company whose products have been used to shoot some very big budget and notable movies, like The Hobbit, for example. Safe to say their rigs are pretty expensive, at least until now with the introduction of the Raven.

The company has recently announced one of its more affordable offerings in the form of the Red Raven. The Raven will be priced at $5,950 for the body-only, which is still pretty expensive as far as cameras are concerned, but when you think about how the company’s other cameras such as the Epic is priced ($29,000 FYI), it is pretty affordable by comparison.

It will come with the Red Dragon sensor, albeit a smaller version, and is also capable of capturing 4K RAW video up to 120fps, so videographers looking to up their game can consider this. The Raven will also weigh in at 3.5 pounds which is pretty light, so getting it hooked up onto a drone should not be an issue.

However like we said, the price is for the body-only so if you’d like to get the complete setup, expect to pay more. For example Red is offering a “Jetpack” package priced at $9,750 which will allow the camera to hook onto gimbals, drones, and more. If you’d like to get your hands on the Raven, pre-orders are currently open with an estimated release date set for February 2016.

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