There must be many players out there who are done with the single player story missions of Grand Theft Auto 5 and now want more, but single player GTA 5 DLC is not a priority for Rockstar right now. Even Heists aren’t something that Rockstar wants to spend time on, it would rather dedicate all of it to Grand Theft Auto Online.

There’s a reason why Rockstar wants to dedicate all of its time to Grand Theft Auto Online. More than 8 million players are logging into the online component every single week and Rockstar would certainly like to sustain that number, if not grow. This suggests that it’s not going to think much about GTA 5 single player DLC at this stage.

It’s interesting to note that all development staff that was previously working on GTA 5 has now been reassigned to work on GTA Online instead. Speaking to IGN the game’s design director Imran Sarwar said that right now the focus is on Grand Theft Auto Online, and that all key members of the team that launched this title are now supporting GTA Online in every capacity.’

Even though new Heists missions were released earlier this year, players shouldn’t expect any more of them as well, they don’t appear to be a priority for Rockstar as well, with Sarwar saying that now they have new ideas for GTA Online that they’re working to deliver.

One of those ideas has materialized in the shape of Freemode Events which will be public events that start in GTA Online every 12 minutes.

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