tesla_model_x_3If you have been eagerly waiting to see what Tesla might have for us with the Model X, wonder no more because the company has officially taken the wraps off their latest electric car. That being said, the Model X, just like other Tesla cars, will not come cheap as it is priced at a whopping $130,000. The price of going green in style, we suppose.

So what can we expect from the Model X? For starters the car has a range of 250 miles on a single charge and has the ability to ferry as many as seven people within it. It has also features a pretty awesome design with “falcon” doors as Tesla is calling it. Now if you’re worried about space, worry not because the doors have an ultrasonic sensor that determines how much space is around it before opening.

If it deems that there isn’t enough space, the doors can fold in on itself to give it more room. The car will also feature an engine that can hit 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and reach top speeds of 155mph. There is also a built-in 17-inch touchscreen display that lets users control media playback, navigation, and cabin control.

Other features of the car include automatic emergency braking, side-collision avoidance, built-in cameras for autopilot features, and according to Tesla, they will be issuing updates to the vehicle in the future that will include Autoparking as well. It is a feature-packed car which might explain its price, but will you be getting one?

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