Tesla fans have something to look forward to later this month, the company is finally going to launch its oft-delayed Model X crossover. Since it’s a Tesla you can be sure that it’s going to be an all-electric vehicle, one that many have been anxiously been waiting for Tesla to unveil. The company has started sending out invites for the launch event which takes place in Fremont, California on September 29th.

Not only is Tesla expected to go into details about this new car but it’s also likely to finally reveal pricing and options information for the Model X.

The Model X crossover has a rather interesting design to say the least, its “falcon doors” make it stand out from the crowd, and perhaps that’s one of the design elements that gets people interested in this pricey car.

Don’t expect it to be cheap though, according to reports the Model X might be priced as high as the Model S, which is priced well outside the reach of the mass market.

Tesla does have plans to launch a significantly cheaper model in a couple of years which will be priced around $30,000, it will be called the Model 3 and might hit roads by 2017, just in time to compete with the Chevy Bolt.

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