chariot-620x349Gameplay, storytelling, and sound effects all play an important role in making a game immersive and fun. However lighting also plays a big role as well, which is why in the movies they usually dim the lights to help moviegoers feel more in the moment. Now if this is something you might be interested in, Philips might have something for you.

Speaking to Gizmodo UK, Philips revealed at IFA 2015 that in the near future, triple A games will soon be able to tap into the company’s Hue lighting. What does this do? Basically it will synchronize the game with the Hue lights, thus providing gamers with a more immersive gaming experience as the lights will be able to set the mood.

If this sounds familiar, it is because a couple of months ago it was already experimented using the Chariot game, but this new plan from Philips sounds like they want to expand to other titles as well. According to George Yianni, Head of Technology at Philips Lighting Home Systems, “With our connected lights we’re able to elevate gaming to a whole new level.”

Of course this will involve gamers having to buy the Philips Hue lights to begin with, which could get pretty expensive, However if you’re a fan of the Internet of things and connected objects, this sounds like a great way to kick things off.

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