vector watchSeveral months ago a company called Vector debuted their smartwatch collection at Baselworld. One of the main attractions of their smartwatches was the ability for their wearables to last as long as 30 days on a single charge, along with their more traditional watch designs versus the more hi-tech designs we’re seeing from the likes of Apple.

The company had also stated that the watches would be going on sale in September and sure enough they have. In an official press release sent to us, Vector has announced the availability of their smartwatch collection which features 12 different models for customers to choose from, falling into categories such as Contemporary, Classic, and Performance.

Basically the differences are in their shape and design, with Performance featuring silicone straps, while Contemporary will feature leather straps, and Classic featuring more exotic color and leather options. Other than that, all the models appear to offer up similar features and will be able to track your activities

They will also be able to display incoming notifications like emails, messages, phone calls, calendar events, and more. They will also play nicely with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone handsets. They are all priced differently depending on the design and style you have chosen, so if you’d like to check them out, head on over to Vector’s website for the details.

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