whatsapp ceoIt is safe to say that at the rate WhatsApp is growing and the number of active users they have, they are probably one of the world’s largest messaging apps at the moment, if not the most popular. Now back in April, it was announced that WhatsApp’s monthly active users was at 800 million, but that number has grown since then.


According to the latest figures, WhatsApp is now boasting a whopping 900 million monthly active users, which has grown by a staggering 100 million over the course of the past five months or so. Breaking it down, this means that WhatsApp has averaged about 20 million new active users every month!

The company was acquired by Facebook back in 2014 and according to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he believed that WhatsApp could hit as many as 2-3 billion users, although admittedly that is still pretty far off but based on this rate, we reckon WhatsApp could hit the 1 billion mark by the end of the year or early 2016.

At the moment WhatsApp still relies on an annual subscription fee and there is no plans at the moment to further monetize the service. We’re sure Facebook is probably thinking of ways but even as it stands, this means that Facebook/WhatsApp pulls in almost $900 million a year in subscription (assuming all 900 million users continue subscribing at $0.99 a year) alone which is pretty impressive.

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