dominos-dxpWhen it come to ordering pizza, you can be sure that Domino’s is one of the more commercially well known names in the market, and for good reason – they make reasonably good pizza, and have an efficient delivery system, although not as efficient as baking your own pizza, of course. In most countries, pizzas are delivered using motorcycles, although drones might come into the picture some time down the road, but Domino’s has come up with their Innovative DXP – a purpose-built pizza delivery vehicle. The Domino’s DXP is short for Delivery Expert, and it is not just another ride with four wheels.

In fact, this particular innovation enables drivers to be able to get about with their jobs with a greater amount of ease and efficiency, while showing to the rest of the world just how fanatical Domino’s is when it comes to making the perfect delivery from oven to your doorstep.

Taking three years to design and produce, the Domino’s DXP should see a hundred units work in 25 markets across the US, where it has an illuminated warming oven that is located behind the driver’s door and storage areas which make for easy loading and unloading of pizzas as well as other orders. The warming oven has enough space to carry a couple of Heatwave bags, and can be accessible in double quick time to drivers thanks to a key fob.

Within the DXP lies front and rear storage areas that boast of a non-slip, easy-to-clean surface, and only the driver’s seat is there, which means there is no way to ride shotgun apart from sitting on someone else’s pizza. It can hold up to 80 pizzas at one go, in addition to 2-liter bottles of soda. An OnStar navigation system should help new drivers unfamiliar with an area to get their deliveries right, while an estimated 39 MPG on highway makes the entire experience greener. [Press Release]

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