fujitsu-interactive-shoes-1[CEATEC 2015] You do know that lovely feeling of having a brand new device or tool, making you want to use that particular device all the more often, right? For instance, a new pair of running shoes that not only look snazzy but are also a whole lot more comfortable than your previous pair could just jolt you into kickstarting that running program you’ve always targeted. Well, Fujitsu might have just the tonic for those who would like to learn to enjoy walking – by introducing a next generation shoe sensor, where the system is known as the interactive shoes hub.


Basically, this particular shoe sensor offers its fair share of user benefits, including a happier and more fulfilled life since you would have walked more than usual, and being more healthy at the end of it all. Collecting data from all of your walking, you should be able to use the app on your smartphone or tablet to see lifestyle improvements as well as manage your health better.


These shoe sensors will collect, collate, and analyze sensor data from your everyday shoes, and it merges these collected data with personal data from various sources and other open data. Following that, it will analyze and make use of such data with apps from developers in order to come up with some useful reports or analysis. Basically, there are already apps that can keep track of where you go, how much you have walked, and even an estimate on the amount of calories that you have burned – theoretically speaking, of course. Hopefully there will be a major breakthrough in the year to come other than seeing progress move at a seemingly snail’s pace.

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