fujitsu-retissa-2[CEATEC 2015] Wearable technology such as virtual reality headsets or augmented reality (AR) headgear have been around for some time already, but they have not really managed to end up being mainstream devices to date. Well, it looks like this particular trend is going to continue until there is some sort of major breakthrough that happens in the industry, but thankfully there are practical developments and strides being made. Fujitsu, for instance, has shown off their RETISSA – a retinal imaging laser eyewear device that targets those who suffer from poor vision.

Basically, RETISSA works this way – it will project an image directly into your retina using the wonders of mirrors – where a RGB laser beam will be sent to a MEMS mirror, which in turn is relayed over to the reflecting mirror installed in the RETISSA itself, where your retina will then pick up that image. You can have poor vision and wear corrective lenses in real life, but this does not matter for the RETISSA even if you are not wearing a pair of glasses. I took off my glasses and could still see the image reflected – although the quality is not all that great, at least it is a start. I do wonder how one’s eyes will react to it long term though, will our eyes get really tired after a while?

The focus-free mechanism inside has still some way to go before it can be commercialized for sale outside, although there are plans to roll it out next March with the help of medical universities, ophthalmology hospitals, educational institutions and optician stores.

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