google_whos_downEver tried to organize a gathering with friends but hate having to juggle everyone’s schedules and their needs/demands? If you’d rather not go through that hassle everytime you just want to hang out, fret not because Google has an app that covers it. Dubbed “Who’s Down”, this is an app that lets you find friends who are down to hanging out.

How it works is pretty simple. Basically there will be a list of your friends who use the app and they will indicate if they are free to hang out. They can even put down the activities that they are interested in doing, like grabbing food, studying, watching a movie, doing some kind of exercise, go on a roadtrip, and etc.

So let’s say that you are willing to grab some lunch, so you can then jump into a chat with that friend (or friends) and sort out the details. The upside to this app is that you know that person is down to hanging out, as opposed to cold calling your friends where they might be busy or if they might have already had their lunch.

It’s an interesting idea albeit novel. The app is available on iOS and Android via the iTunes App Store and Google Play, but for now if you want to use the app, you will need an invite but you can request for one.

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