microsoft__logoRecently in a report by WIRED, it was revealed that the Surface mini tablet was an actual device that did not make the cut. This basically confirmed earlier rumors that suggested that such a device actually existed. However it also seems that in the same article with regards to a behind-the-scenes look at the Surface Book, there seems to be some evidence that Microsoft could be working on a Surface Phone.

Rumors of Microsoft working on a Surface Phone have been around for years, and this article seems to suggest that the project is still alive and well. According to the article’s author David Pierce, he writes, “A few machines away, another machine works on a prototype of a new phone.”

Based on what he wrote (or what he didn’t write), there is no indication to suggest that the prototype phone had anything to do with the Lumia lineup, a brand which Microsoft had inherited from Nokia when they acquired the company. Also the fact that the prototype was being made by the Surface team also seems to say a lot about the device.

That being said, given it is a prototype there is no telling if it will make the final cut and become an actual product. Let’s not forget that Microsoft had recently launched two flagship Windows 10 handsets in the form of the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, so it seems unlikely that we will be seeing more high-end smartphones from Microsoft anytime soon, at least not until next year.

It is possible that maybe we are grasping at straws here, but given Microsoft’s Surface series of tablets, it would be exciting to see what they could do if they were to make a smartphone version of it. Until we hear otherwise, perhaps it’s best to temper expectations for now.

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