nec-emergency-network-mobile-radio-1[CEATEC 2015] When you happen to live in a country like Japan where natural disasters are prone to happen – or at the very least, it has the tendency to actually be more frequent than in many other countries around the world, then it would pay to be prepared just in case of an emergency. Everyone should have his or her very own “Go bag”, or Grab Bag, it is all the same – a bag that contains the bare necessities for one person in the event of a disaster or emergency. Well, having an early warning system might come in handy too, especially where tsunamis are concerned, but what happens when the disaster has already hit, and communications is one of the first few things to go? NEC figured out that having an Emergency Mobile Radio Network that is based on SDR ain’t such a bad idea after all.

This unique emergency mobile radio network will cater specifically for first responders who happen to be in need of an instant last resort network when it comes to establishing communications with other agencies or bodies that can offer assistance. It will build up a network automatically, relying through any available terminal, and will also be able to support interoperation among the different networks simply by changing the software of SDR (software defined radio).

As for the kind of services offered, it is not only voice – but photos and GPS are also supported, which makes it all the more impressive. You also do not need to worry about the quality of communications, since it will be stable and private in nature, and can also assist in information sharing during interoperation. Perfect for any disaster siuation, as even evacuees at a shelter can benefit from it in the form of Wi-Fi services and the ilk, while emergency vehicles have a network that they can rely upon to communicate with one another.

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