nokia 1100Recently Apple revealed that they have managed to sell over 13 million iPhones over the weekend when the new iPhones were released. This is impressive especially when you consider that it beat out last year’s figures. However it seems that despite all of Apple’s achievements, they are nowhere near the Nokia 1100.

According to the latest figures, the Nokia 1100 is still the world’s best selling handset to date. It has managed to sell a whopping 250 million units since its release in 2003, putting it on par with its successor the Nokia 1110 which was released 2 years later. It’s particularly impressive when you consider that there are much better phones these days that have yet to topple the Nokia 1100 from its position.

While many of us might turn up our noses at feature phones like the Nokia 1100, they are extremely popular amongst emerging markets, made so by the fact that it cost about $100. It is a very basic device but its durability and no-frills made it a very popular handset. It was discontinued in 2009 but according to reports, there have been sightings of the device where it was being sold to hackers for obscene amounts of money.

Apparently hackers discovered they could reprogram some units and use it for fraudulent purposes, hence the value in such devices. So, did any of you guys own the Nokia 1100?

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