Samsung-Fast-Charge-wireless-charging-padDo you want a free wireless charging pad? If you do, it seems that Samsung is more than willing to give you one. The company has recently announced a promotion in which if you were to enable Samsung Pay on your phone, it seems that you will be able to redeem a free wireless charging pad for yourself.

Unfortunately it seems that the promotion is a big hit because the wireless charging pads are currently listed as on backorder. What this means is that if you want one, you can still go ahead and redeem it, but you might have to wait anywhere between 8-10 weeks for it. Is it worth the wait? We suppose if you were planning on using Samsung Pay anyway, this freebie would be a nice bonus.

This also seems to be a good way for Samsung to entice users to hop on board Samsung Pay. Whether or not you actually use it is a different story, but presumably Samsung just wants the user base for now. So far the mobile payment service appears to be quite a hit back home in South Korea.

Last we heard, Samsung had managed to nab 1 million users over in South Korea which is pretty impressive. It is unclear as to how many users they have over in the US, but even then it’s still a pretty good sign of the service growing. In any case if you’d like to learn more about the promo, then head on over to Samsung’s website for the instructions.

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