To improve in a sport, the common way to do that is to keep doing it and keep practicing, with the right training. This sometimes comes in the form of peer feedback and advice, or sometimes with professional coach who will point out your mistakes and offer feedback where you can improve upon.

However fast forward to today, technology has come far along enough where we can actually train ourselves. If golf is your game, you might be interested to learn that Sensosolution has recently announced the new and improved “advanced” SensoGlove. As you can see in the photos, the SensoGlove is a glove that looks like a regular pair of golf gloves, except that it comes embedded with sensors that aims to help improve your golf game.

For example it has pressure sensors that tells you which fingers are gripping too tightly. It can also analyze the pressure of your swing and will also be able to provide audio feedback as well as visual feedback thanks to the built-in 1.2-inch LED display. According to the company, the gloves were designed based on feedback from international PGA professionals.

The display can also be removed if you’d rather use the gloves as a regular pair, which works out thanks to the use of cabretta leather. If you’d like to get your hands on the advanced version of the SensoGlove, it is priced at $89 and will be available via the company’s website.

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