Many of us visit GameStop for all our gaming needs and soon the brick-and-mortar video game retailer is also going to stock up on Steam hardware. It’s kind of ironic, Steam is an online PC game distribution service which intends to cut out the likes of GameStop, but that’s not going to stop the retailer from offering Steam hardware in the near future.

You can see how GameStop will be affected if everyone just started buying games online and nobody went into a store for a physical copy, the company is going to lose out on a significant chunk of revenue generated through stores.

Nevertheless several retailers will be carrying Steam hardware, GameStop here in the United States, EB Games in Canada and GAME in the United Kingdom. All of these retailers will have special sections in their stores dedicated to Steam hardware.

Steam hardware arrives next month, products will include new Steam Machines, the Steam Controller and Steam Link. All of these products have been designed to make PC gaming much easier and push more gamers towards digital game purchases.

It’s not immediately clear what these retailers will gain from stocking Steam hardware, one can understand the appeal of exclusively having the new hardware over the lucrative holiday season, but beyond that it may not do much for the retailers.

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