It has been a very long time since Valve announced Steam Machines, which are basically computers that are designed like consoles to run Steam and the countless PC games that are available on it. Folks who have been interested in picking one up have had to wait for a very long time but finally Valve has opened up pre-orders for the first official Steam Machines. The console-like devices will run on Steam OS, the company’s homegrown Linux-based operating system.

Interested customers will be able to pre-order an Alienware Steam Machine through GameStop or Steam, the Steam Link is also available for pre-order. It allows players to stream games from a high-end PC to other machines. Steam Controller is up for pre-order as well.

All three products will be released in stores come November 10th and a select number of pre-orders will ship before that on October 16th. Steam Machines start at $449 while the controller is going to cost $49, Steam Link will also be available for $49.

CyberPower is also going to start taking pre-orders for its Steam Machine today through its website but it’s not known at this point in time whether it’s going to ship any units prior to the November release date.

Valve is working on adding direct Linux support to as many games as it can, however initially when the Machines launch around 1,000 to 1,200 titles will be available that are natively supported.

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